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Who Are We

We are a Digital Engineering Consultancy that has innovated the way we do our business - to save you time & money! From concept to completion, no matter where you are & when you need help – we are there.

What We Do

Deeo have transformed the way concept, design & engineering  services & solutions are delivered. Our radical new way of working overcomes the obstacles preventing you from delivering projects on time & within budget.


Our services & solutions come in three complementing flavours



From the inception of an idea, no matter which industry you may be in, it is key to be able to visualise your product. Our team use the worlds most advanced tools to develop & deliver your concept in a compelling, engaging & stunningly realistic way. From Surfacing, Rendering, Animation & 3D Visualisation to product configurators - seeing is believing.



Once the product has been visualised, the design & engineering can commence. But only time served designers & engineers can understand how to truly create quality design data. From Building Information Modelling, CAD, FE Analysis to Ergonomic studies, our team of designers & engineers can complete any size of project for you.



To compliment the services we provide for our clients, we have a number of innovative products we supply that we know will bring you value & save your time. From hosting you on our unique Virtual Workplace, delivering Advanced Training, supplying awesome Workstations to Strategic Partnerships to ensure the future development of the tools we use.







We deliver services & solutions for todays world. Our forward thinking team of innovators harness the most advanced hardware & software available, from our liberating virtual design studio to bring you the best Design Partner experience possible. We look forward to hearing how we can help you & your team soon.


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